Rebranding for our community

As our website continue to expand with over 11,000 members in our Facebook community, we are re-branding our logo to serve both deaf and hard of hearing individuals worldwide.

As I mentioned before, I started the hearing loss website back in 2008 because I always felt like an outsider and not having many friends while growing up with mild to moderate hearing loss. Back in the school days, it was always a challenge to make new friends and found myself outside of the social circle.

I worked with our talented designer, Autumn Wallace, to create a new logo for our branding. She used the “I Love You’ sign and that reminds me of all the challenges I faced wanting to be cared about from others. Even though I am a non-signer, I feel this sign is commonly recognized by hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing individuals all around the world.  It’s a symbol that represent love. I want everyone to feel loved and cared about in a community unlike how I felt feeling isolated between the two worlds. The squares represent unity and digital technology as we establish this community online with a wide social media presence.

deafandhoh site logo

The mission of DeafandHoH is to empower the hearing loss community by promoting confident social interaction and open communication. We will continue to work hard and make this a great place for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

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