New device enables deaf community

Summarized by Abby Wilson, staff writer

Communicating over the telephone can be an extremely difficult and even impossible task for many people within the deaf and hard of hearing community. A new program known as Sorenson’s Video Relay Service (SVRS) offers a free, 24-hour service that allows people within this community to place and receive calls through a videophone. This device has the potential to change the lives of people within the deaf community in a positive way.

Not only does this program offer an effective way for deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate with others, but it also aids these people in building, strengthening and maintaining relationships by closing the communication gap and empowering the deaf who use this service. A great advantage to this program is that is can be used on various electronic devices including, but not limited to, TV, laptop, computers, and smartphones.

You can read more about this service and Sorenson’s other devices here.

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