MotionSavvy Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Build UNI, the First Device that Allows Both Deaf and Hearing Communities to Naturally Communicate with Each Other

Summarized by Hailey Scragg, staff writer

MotionSavvy is a company that consists of young, innovative, deaf and hard of hearing professionals and students who are looking to connect those with hearing loss to the world around them. This team has launched a pre order campaign for UNI, a mobile device that translates sign language to audio and spoken words to real time using motion sensing technology. So often for the deaf and hard of hearing, communication is broken and reliant on jotted messages on phones and notepads. This doesn’t allow for the fullest expression and so much can be lost. This is why UNI is individualized, it recognizes distinctive dialects, and the more people using it and sign in their unique manner, the more words and phrases UNI adds to it’s database. The goal of UNI, according to MotionSavvy’s CEO and co founder Ryan Hait-Campbell, is to “Open up the rest of the world to the Deaf community and give them the opportunity to go about their lives with confidence and accomplish dreams that were once thought to be impossible.” The campaign has already been reduced from $499 to $198 to insure that everyone can have access to UNI, with a goal of $100,000 to begin manufacturing.

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