New technology helps Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing RIT students

Summarized by Jeni Ten Eyck, staff writer

In recent years, technology’s advances have made the world more deaf friendly. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is taking advantage of many different technologies to help their students learn and communicate everywhere, not just in the classroom.

On top of using in-person interpreters, virtual remote interpreting, and live captioning, RIT is now partnering with apps like AVA. The AVA app is a real time captioning app that allows a person to speak into a phone’s microphone and send the translation to anyone in the area using the app. The app is accessible to RIT’s students at any time to help them learn in a way that’s best suited for them.

While 130 in-person interpreters still interpret for a combined 4,000 hours a week at RIT, the use of new technologies allows the students to communicate more effectively in smaller groups.

You can read the full story here.

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