Ice & Quiet: A Hockey Documentary

There have been many sports movies which inspired the human spirit and reminded us what the human spirit is capable of through physical activity. Sports is an activity that appears in every culture. While the game varies, the drive and passion which people give the game doesn’t change. This speaks to the “universal language” of sports that Anthony Rumolo depicts in his new documentary film Ice & Quiet.

Rumolo is the founder and CEO of the Ontario Deaf Hockey Association, a club for deaf hockey players all across Ontario. They accept players with hearing loss of 55 decibels or greater. The Association started in 2011 and has been growing stronger ever since, using various fundraising, donations, and sponsorships.

When asked about how his organization helped others Rumolo commented that, “It just gives people awareness and gives something to follow and look forward to in the life of these athletes who are part of a major provincial sports movement and these players are role models for not just the deaf community but for those who share the love for the game and those who are looking to challenge their own barriers.”

Ice & Quiet will help to broaden the understanding of deaf hockey, a sport that Rumolo wants to remind fans that are already passionate about the game. Deaf hockey is just like normal hockey, but the players are unable to use their hearing devices in any way. Whistles are replaced with strobe lights on the rink, while most communication is done through sign language and lip reading.

“We are focusing on the players and their story as a day in the life of a deaf hockey player and how they share the same universal commitment to a sport that is a language we all know today…Hockey. Athletes and those who have a love for the game should be able to see it because this community does exist. This sport does exist and what we want is people to understand the commitment behind it.”

Rumolo is passionate, truly nothing can describe the man better than this simple word. As a sports lover he wanted to make sure that no one with a love for the game should give up their desire to play for any reason. Sports are driven by the desire to become better and overcome obstacles, allowing us a deeper look in to the human desire to grow stronger with each passing victory or defeat.

“We are doing this video to show how sport is a universal language. We see the game and we play the game and we push to play hard without any boundaries and judgement necessary to who we are as athletes. The film will go to show that there is such a thing as deaf hockey and it is a whole other world of sport and we encourage equality amongst sport. Sport Equality is important it’s not about the silence but it’s about having a voice for those who don’t.”

To learn more about the Ontario Deaf Hockey Association click here.

To visit the website for the documentary click here.

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