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The Struggles of a Deaf College Student’s Childhood

Michael Cropper
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Hello all, I’m Michael Cropper.

I have a question for everyone. Has anyone here experienced challenges or hardships in school from being deaf or hard of hearing? If so, you are not alone.

A deaf girl named Doris Alcántara Quiñones experienced some hardships in her life. Educators neglected Quiñones’s hearing loss even at a young age. They kept trying to make her learn like everyone else instead of finding ways to help her learn through her hearing loss. Because of this, Quiñones always felt like the world failed to understand her condition and help her.

That feeling became a reality in middle and high school. Quiñones got bullied in middle school for a microphone called an FM Unit for her hearing aids. In high school, her teachers failed to practice inclusive learning techniques for deaf and hard of hearing students.  

I advise you all to read the article since it discusses Quiñones’s childhood more and what she does afterward.:

This article hurt me, but I’m glad something good came out of this.

What did you all think of Quiñones’ story? Did any of you experience this too? What was your childhood like as a deaf or hard of hearing person, and how did it make you who you are today?

Topic starter Posted : August 10, 2022 5:48 pm