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Lack of Deaf friendly educational tools in schools

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Hey everyone!

So you might of seen me from the "Introduce Yourself" post, I just wanted to talk about how what I found frustrating in school (I'm not sure if these are actually is valid or what HoH/Deaf people are frustrated but hopefully some of us can relate);

  • Teachers speaking while we were writing notes down from the board (I cannot focus on two things at once)
  • Teachers not repeating an answer that a student said, and I don't know what the student has said (I use a device called the RM/FM that acts as a microphone which makes what the teacher is saying louder so I don't miss out on any important instructions)
  • No subtitles in a movie/video, I don't always catch, what is happening in the movie/video a lot of times it leads me to just trying to figure out what is happening in the pictures (a way around it is to read the script! which is free btw πŸ™‚ )
  • People whispering in my ear
  • Teacher turning their backs to me (the RM/FM helps with this thankfully)
  • Yelling at me since they think they need to be 'louder'Β 

Thankfully a lot of them are very open to trying to help me understand and the Resources teacher or special education teacher at my HSΒ makes sure the teachers know what to do when talking to me. That I find very kind of her, she's been one of the only teachers that really stands up and educates teachers on what people with a disability/hearing loss may need (sorry I'm rambling a bit)

Thanks for reading!Β 


Posted : August 22, 2021 3:28 am