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Bethaney Tessitore

An audiologist for around 20 years, Bethaney Tessitore is no fresh face to the audiology scene. She was hooked on audiology since she first picked up a textbook on the subject, and while she originally desired to work in pediatrics, she has expanded over the years, working on pediatrics, geriatrics, and all ages in between. Bethaney loves helping people, and does so very well with her audiologist job.

Bethaney has worked in all types of settings, from hospitals to private practices, to ENT clinics – even internships in a children’s hospital and school for the deaf. She’s had experience with hearing aids, hearing tests, ABR testing, Electronystagmography, Interoperative nerve monitoring, Tinnitus counseling, and more! She does enjoy working with children, to the point where she wishes she had more cases with them.

Working Tuesdays through Fridays, Bethaney does diagnostics – comprised of mostly typical hearing tests along with speech in noise testing, as well as the occasional Otoacoustic Emission Testing (OAEs). She also dispenses hearing aids – which she loves fitting. Bethaney enjoys getting to know her clients and making ordinary visits into lifelong friends. She doesn’t like it when she does one thing for a patient and never sees them again – she prefers to get to know her patients, learning their likes and dislikes over a long period, and being able to help them more thoroughly as a result. While she has had somewhat more downtime recently due to her business expanding, she still uses her free time to make presentations and continue taking education classes. Bethaney’s other activities include visiting a retirement village to make presentations, as well as generally educating people – she’s not in the field to make money, she’s in it to help people.

In terms of general information, Bethaney has various bits of advice – for starters, some degree of earwax is good for your ears. It helps keep them from getting infected or truly dirty, and while hearing aids can cause buildup, you still shouldn’t use q-tips or anything like that to clean them, because that will just damage the ear even more and cause impaction. In addition, when looking for an audiologist, Bethaney recommends making sure the provider is a certified audiologist, that the audiologist does real-ear measures to help fit hearing aids, and that they work with your current hearing aid manufacturer. She also recommends staying away from big national chains, and that preferably you should use word of mouth to find a good audiologist. If you’re newly diagnosed with hearing loss, Bethaney recommends you go annually, and only if it improves should you go once every year (or sooner if there’s a change in your hearing).

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