I Got Laid Off Twice—Here’s What I Learned

At the end of last October, I was laid off at an e-commerce solutions company in Brookfield, WI. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time I was laid off without a warning (click here to read my post about that ordeal).

By sharing my personal experiences, I’m showing the world how the corporate realm treats people with hearing loss. At the end of this post, you might start wondering yourself: is there something unethical at play?

At my previous job, the HR announced I was being laid off because of budget cuts. Thankfully, the company gave me a month to look for another position—instead of forcing me out the next day.

However, I still wasn’t treated fairly. My manager gave my assignments to another graphic design intern. Oddly enough, the intern was offered a full-time role a month earlier. I couldn’t even share my expertise with that designer before I left. Even though my coworkers and upper management appreciated my hard work, I didn’t feel valuable.

My manager failed to guide me—and didn’t even connect me to another role, in the marketing department or elsewhere. Even now, I’m confused. Why did that happen?

After reaching out for recommendations, the manager and graphic design intern blocked me on LinkedIn. This frustrated me and showed how politics, and perhaps discrimination, can play a part in any company—big or small.

I almost lost interest in finding a new job… or working on my hearing loss website. But I kept persevering.

I feel appreciated here on DeafandHoH. I always enjoy helping others around the world. With over 18,000 members in this online community, I realized I’m not alone. What I am doing makes a difference in others’ lives, from the contributors working on the website to you reading this blog post.

I will continue sharing my experience with my readers and news outlets down the road. I want to advocate for those with hearing loss and how they’re treated in the professional world.

I appreciate all the support and positive feedback from friends, family, and those in the hearing loss community.

Stay positive!

Edited by Stephanie Stott, staff writer

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