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And Now Stepping Up to the Plate: Taylor Burger

By Kolby Burger, Staff Writer

Born in the small town of Killingworth, Connecticut Taylor Burger was raised to be an aspiring young woman, I would know since I am her younger sister. Now in her senior year at Bryant University, she has taken on the first ever management leadership position at DeafandHoH as a project management intern. Her personality outshines all others while her work ethic is a force to be reckoned with, making her a perfect leader.

Being a leader will help Taylor tremendously as she takes on the duties of a management intern. Some of her tasks include working on project management, business management and also recruitment and planning. She will be involved in the organization by managing the team of contributors while taking DeafandHoH to new heights.

Taylor Burger Taylor is an overachiever where no obstacle can stop her. I have looked up to Taylor my whole life whether it be in school, sports, or extracurricular activities. She has been a member of the Dean's list every semester since enrolled in Bryant thus far 2013-2016 all while achieving the high honor of All-NEC Team for her softball performance last spring.

She doesn't let her accomplishments define her, she continues to stay humble while striving for more. She pushes me to new heights by teaching me how to succeed. She sees success as something you have to work for, she knows it doesn't come easy.

Her attitude shows in her work and at school since she is a student ambassador for Team Impact, an entertainment planner for Bryant University's Relay for Life, a part of the SAAC for student-athletes, a weekly social media planner for the Rhode Island Business Plan Competition, all while being a superstar on the Division I Bryant softball team.

DeafandHoH is lucky to have Taylor in a leadership position since she will not stop until every task is completed and completed perfectly. She takes every job very seriously while still remaining patient and understanding. All of her attributes will help her not only succeed at this position but also lead her into a bright future.

Taylor is very excited for this new chapter at DeafandHoH since she was a marketing intern last year. She explained to me how this opportunity has affected her, "I am excited for this new opportunity to be able to transfer what I learn in the classroom into the real-world. I am ready for this new leadership position and all of the duties that come with it. I am honored to be able to work with such a great organization that helps so many people." Never would I have thought I would be working with my sister, however I could not be more grateful since I am able to continue to learn from her.

Starting out as best friends to now co-workers is a dream come true for my sister and I. I have watched her grow up and blossom into an intelligent, creative, loving young woman. All of her characteristics will allow her to step up to the plate and hit a home-run as the new DeafandHoH management intern.

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