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Sign Language Resources

ASLdeafined, LLC

ASL Deafined is a subscription-based website for American Sign Language (ASL) video lessons. The content is for anyone who wishes to learn ASL, regardless of age. It has been designed to instruct deaf students, parents of deaf children, and the community-at-large. You may cancel your subscription at any time. All lessons are taught by nationally certified interpreters.

American Sign Language University

This website serves as a sign language resource for ASL students and teachers. It has a link that allows you to search the ASL dictionary as well as a discussion and demonstration of ASL numbers. The website also features some deaf and hard-of-hearing jokes. There is also a “fingerspelling quizzes” link which takes the user to a page that offers fingerspelling quizzes and spelling quizzes. The site also has a “peer advice” link which is for students by students.

Color of Language

Color of Language has been producing ASL resources for families and teachers of Deaf children since 2001. They offer curriculum DVDs and teaching aids in ASL, English, and Spanish. Their mission statement states that they are a “nonprofit company which develops educational materials for Deaf children and families.” They hope that their materials will develop cognitive and language skills for infants to adults and promote early intervention. The website also provides a link to their store. They offer DVDs and books, games, and flash cards and poster sets for teachers.

Baby Sign Language Resources

This website provides links to numerous baby sign language resources, including “Baby Signs,” “Sign2Me,” and “My Smart Hands.” The site also provides a history of baby sign language as well as its benefits. These include bonding, reduced fussiness, and development. There is also a “Shop” section which offers sign language kits, flashcards, and dictionaries. (This site could also be included in the parents’ resource page).

Handspeak: a Sign Language Resource

This website features an ASL word of the day. It also has an ASL dictionary as well as resources for signing with babies and toddlers. This website is unique in that it provides the opportunity to browse ASL poetry and storytelling. Another nice feature is the resources it has for people learning ASL as a second language.

How You Sign

This website offers several links to sign language dictionaries. There are also resources for science, math, and technical sign language dictionaries which would be helpful for teachers in those disciplines. The site also has links for interpreters.

Koko Signs

This website offers parents, teachers, and students a fun way to teach American Sign Language. Koko is a gorilla with a sign language vocabulary of over 1000 words, which she uses in complex statements and questions. Videos show Koko replicating different ASL signs and also offer a worded explanation of how sign can be performed.

Classroom Interpreting

This site is designed to help educational teams in K – 12 settings support deaf and hard of hearing students who use educational interpreters to access education and social interaction. Other service providers, such as speech pathologists, social workers, and deaf educators, may find useful information on this site.

Deaf Missions: ASL Dictionary of Religious Signs

This dictionary fulfills the purpose of presenting adults/teachers with certain religious signs in an easy to understand, visual way.

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