Should FMCSA lift restrictions on deaf drivers?

Summarized by Holly Gerber, Staff Writer

Recently, a controversial topic has seen increasing debate: the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s ban on deaf drivers. The current rule is that commercial drivers for the FMCSA cannot have hearing loss. The National Association for the Deaf, or NAD, has petitioned the FMCSA to get rid of the requirement and adjust other relevant mandates, labeling them as old fashioned and prejudiced.

The NAD submitted the petition last December, but it continues to spur debate. While some groups passionately agreed with the NAD, saying hearing plays little role in driving, others pushed back, claiming issues such as maintaining accommodations and complying with regulations would arise.

The FMCSA is still considering the petition but have not yet made any changes. Only time will tell their decision, and by extension, the future of deaf commercial drivers.

To read more about the FMCSA’s deaf driver restriction, read the full story here.

Edited by Stephanie Stott, Staff Writer.

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