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Hearing Loss News

A flight attendant wrote a heartwarming note to a deaf passenger who was flying solo for the first time
By Mark Matousek

USA National Deaf Ice Hockey announces team for 2019 Winter Deaflympics
Courtesy Cision PR Newswire

Deaf alum sets out across America, biking for a cause
By Amy Laskowski

Living with single-sided deafness
By Joy Victory

Exclusive: five couples lined up for CRISPR babies to avoid deafness
By Michael Le Page

Outsmarting the most common military injury: how one Veteran is helping future generations
By Imani Rodriguez

Professor studies effectiveness of transparent face mask to improve healthcare communication for people with hearing loss
Courtesy of Hearing Health & Technology Matters

Independence Center trains deaf and hard of hearing students to be CNAs
By Faith Miller

Oticon hearing foundation donates hearing aids for in-need students
Courtesy of

Shooter's ear: Hearing loss caused by gunfire
By Debbie Clason

New breakthrough pill could cure Tinnitus
By Matthew Meadow

Weather preparedness, awareness tips for deaf and hard of hearing people
By Bianca Barr Tunnos

Local teachers of deaf, blind unhappy with state proposal to relax licensing
By Lyndsay Jones

Malaria drug could help prevent form of hereditary hearing loss
Courtesy of Hearing Review

Members of Idaho's deaf community want to see more open captioning at theaters
By Jessica Taylor, KIVI TV

Student pushes for authentic representation of deaf community
By Lisa Renner, UCSC News Center

The deaf gamers making gaming more accessible
By Anthony McGlynn, Digital Trends

Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind taps into solar energy for cooking farm-to-school
By Lauren Peters

Umbilical cord blood may help treat hearing loss in kids, study suggests
By Naseem S. Miller

Ireland's national anthem performed for the first time in Irish Sign Language
By IrishCentral Staff, Irish Central

World premiere love story 'Arrival & Departure' features Deaf and hearing actors
By Eric A. Gordon, People's World

Walking Dead to feature its first deaf actress
By Shawn Lealos, Fansided

Lyft introduces new feature for deaf passengers and drivers
By Andrea K. McDaniels, The Baltimore Sun

Ventura County Fire Dept. gives smoke alarms to deaf, hard of hearing individuals
By Jeremy Childs, Ventura County Star

Obstacles don't beat this deaf Ukrainian student
By Ashley Hiruko, Lynden Tribune

Digital Advancements for the Deaf: SVA Alumnus Melissa Malzkuhn on Her 2018 Obama Fellowship
By Emma Drew, SVA NYC Features

Born deaf and a goal scorer. Boise native is on track to play for national team
By Michael Lycklama, Idaho Statesman

App helps new and deaf parents know when and why their baby is crying
By Simi Singer, UCLA Newsroom

Wyoming deaf and hard of hearing team prepares for national quiz bowl
By Seth Klamann, Casper Star Tribune

South African Sign Language now an official subject in South African schools
By Bongekile Macupel, Mail & Guardian

Dining out can be tough for people with hearing loss. A Baltimore nonprofit wants to change that.
By Sarah Meehan, The Baltimore Sun

"America's Got Talent" finalist Mandy Harvey to appear at UP Abilities
By Suzanne Garofalo, Chron

Third Generation Deaf Person Running Nonprofit Serving Deaf Community
By Devin Thorpe, Forbes

Deaf priest to use ASL in Catholic Mass celebration
By Administrator, Catholic Transcript Online

The Louisiana School for the Deaf under review, poor performance ratings
By Will Sentell, The Advocate

Mankato among sites for new hearing loss pilot
By Brian Arola, Mankato Free Press

'This is the largest deaf-inclusive Startup Weekend in the world'
By By Julia Airey,

Ducey proposes funds to help deaf and blind children get head start on reading
By Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Service

How a deaf girl with no acting experience ended up as the star in 'Wonderstruck'
By Darby Maloney and John Horn, The Frame

Sign Language Immersion Weekend Gives Voice to Deaf Culture
By Luz Reyes-Martin and Santa Barbara City College (Published via Noozhawk)

A Wireless Vibration Suit Helps the Deaf "Feel" Music
By Brendan L. Smith and HYPERALLERGIC

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accuses Big Lots of discrimi-nating against deaf employee
By Wadi Reformado and the West VirginiaRecord

Despite challenges, deaf student pursues dream of playing drums
By Karie Simmons and the Newark Post

House bill provides driver's license distinction for deaf drivers
By Richard Craver and the Winston-Salem Journal

Lyft Teams With National Association of the Deaf to Help Drivers
By Ernie Smith and Associations Now

Teens Make Hockey History on First Women's Deaf Team
By Marie Wilson and the Daily Herald

Court Allows Hospitals To be Sued Over Deaf Services
By CBS Miami and the News Services of Florida

Wrapping up Winter 2017
By Chris Fischer, Staff Writer

Deaf businessmen open coffee shop to bring awareness to community
By Christy Millweard, KVUE

Bill would allow sign language to meet school foreign language requirement
By Rachel Ohm, Knoxville News Sentinel

New device enables deaf community
By Myles Barker, The Porterville Recorder

ISD to host first free three-day deaf celebration event next month
By Krystal Sidzyik, The Daily Nonpareil

Bell serves deaf, hard of hearing clients
By Edie Schmierbach, Mankato Free Press

A Conversation with Rogan Shannon
By Sarah Sterling, Staff Writer

And Now Stepping Up to the Plate: Taylor Burger
By Kolby Burger, Staff Writer

Deaf golfer Kevin Hall, 34, not an easy man to discourage, still pushing to play on PGA Tour
By Mark Whicker, The Orange County Register

Deaf people to experience music through festival using technology
By Ursula Pari, KSAT News

Why some people turned down a 'medical miracle' and decided to stay deaf
By Caroline Praderio, INISDER

Fremont: Deaf school's Warren Keller nominated for football coach of the year
By Joseph Geha, East Bay Times

Arizona becomes second Legislature to install technology for hard-of-hearing
By Kathy Cline, KTAR

Orange teacher brings deaf and hearing people together
By Annie Martin, Orlando Sentinel

A Conversation with Miss Jessica Kellgren-Hayes
By Sarah Sterling, Staff Writer

Ricketts town hall a first for Nebraska's deaf community
By Zach Pluhacek, Lincoln Journal Star

ASL Glee Club brings performing arts to the deaf community
By Alison Graef,

Ava gives the deaf and hard-of-hearing a more present voice in group conversations
By Lucas Matney, TechCrunch

Gallaudet Celebrates The First Deaf Woman To Serve As Its President
By Christina Sturdivant, dcist

New program offers free tablets for deaf, low-income Marylanders
By Capital Gazette

Local law enforcement to receive training on policing the deaf community
By Camille Studebaker, The Crimson White

Visor Cards Distributed to Police to Help Officers Communicate with Deaf Drivers
By Jacob Owens, MI News 26

Meet the Deaf Poets Society, a digital journal for writers with disabilities
By Corinne Segal, PBS Newshour

Deaf performers are finally seen and heard on the stage and screen
By Joey Maya Safchick, HS Insider

Scenes From a Punk Rock and Storytelling Show, for Deaf People
By Nathan Reese, The New York Times

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fight to Be Heard
By Daniel Krieger

Arizona organizations celebrate Black Deaf History Month
By Audrey Weil

Project by Penn linguists documents Philadelphia accent in ASL
By Greg Johnson

These college students built an app that can 'read' American Sign Language
By Nigel Coelho

New technology helps Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing RIT students
By Brianna DiPilato

An Opportunity of Kindness: Santa uses Sign Language to Communicate with Young Girl.
By Ryan Datus Anderson

New device gives voices to the deaf by translating sign language to speech in real time
By Zach Epstein, BGR Staff Writer

RIT hosts third annual Effective Access Technology Conference
By Vienna McGrain, Rochester Institute of Technology University News

Meet Chef Jeffrey Perri, deaf teacher of culinary skills
By Michel Elben, Carroll County Times Staff Writer

Ice & Quiet: A Hockey Documentary
By Ryan Datus Anderson

Lawsuit by deaf prisoners granted class-action status
By Mark Fitton, Illinois News Network

In dispute over deaf football player, Lions step up
By Bob Collins, MPR News

A Convention of Unity: Zina Jawadi
By Ryan Datus Anderson

The Real Problem With Hearing Aids Being Portrayed In The Media
By Dr. Lena Kyman, ENT & Audiology Associates

Deaf patients say it can be difficult to communicate at hospitals
By Andrea K. Mcdaniels, The Baltimore Sun

A Conversation with Rikki Poynter
By Ryan Datus Anderson

Blind, deaf man still runs
By Andrew Stark, The Herald Weekly

How this video game company is helping people hear better
By John Gaudiosi,

Why audiologists have one of America's best jobs
By Rachel Cain

Feds launch investigation of jail's care of deaf inmates
By Matthew Barakat of the Associated Press, reposted by

Uber makes life easier for deaf drivers, but still faces disability controversy
By Matt Petronzio of Mashable

The Signs of Music
By Bettina Chang

Mother fighting IHSAA over deaf daughter's right to play softball
By Aishah Hasnie of Fox59

Rice U Engineers Develop Vibrating Vest for the Deaf
By Leila Meyer of Campus Technology

4 Game-Changing Technologies For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing
By Robert J. Szczerba of Forbes

Deaf and hearing theatre working together on stage
By Scoop Media

NWS SKYWARD training for the deaf and hard of hearing
By Beth Shelburne of WSFA

Share Your Journey: The 2015 HLAA Convention
By Hailey Scragg

Bill calls for program to allow deaf to serve in Air Force
By Brian Everstine, AirForce Times

'Flash mob' fights myths about deafness
By Lenore Sobota of the

Music without barriers: providing easy access for deaf and disabled fans
By Suzanne Bull of The Guardian

An Entire Town Secretly Learned Sign To Surprise Their Deaf Neighbor
By Ryan Broderick of BuzzFeed

Explore the Silent World of Deaf America
By Lydia L. Callis of The Huffington Post

Can deaf comedy be funny for everyone?
By William Mager of BBC News

Deaf in Basketball
By Chris Fischer

Artist Rep's Tribes Examins the Hierarchies of Ability, Class, Language, and Love
By Rebecca Waits of The Portland Mercury

Sprint Will Handle Relay Services For The Deaf And Hard Of Hearing In Arizona
By Justin Diaz of Android Headlines

OtoSense, your listening Buddy
By Hailey Scragg

Featured Article: Texas School for the Deaf
By Hannah F. Mann

Supporting Deaf Employees
By Lydia L. Callis, The Huffington Post: Business

Fresno State receives $1M for deaf program
By Business Journal Staff for The Business Journal

Sia’s SNL Mime and Sign Language in Pop Music
By Lydia L. Callis, Huffington Post Impact

Waving Hands, a social group for the deaf, to screen sign language suspense film in Hialead
By Teriya J. Ogden for the Miami Herald

UPDATE: 911 now just a text message away
By Melonie Flomer of Your Daily Journal

Deaf Santa inspires young and old alike
By Shane Arrington of the Herald Dispatch

Tamika Catchings: The Deaf WNBA Star That Keeps Shining
By Chris Fischer

North Pole Express Brings Christmas to Life for Deaf Kids
By Steve White, Nebraska TV

On the Upper East Side, Silent Prayers to Save a Sanctuary for the Deaf
By Sharon Otterman, The New York Times

Theaters pledge to improve movie access for deaf and hearing-impaired
By Richard Verrier, The Los Angeles Times

How the Criminal Justice System Fails the Deaf Community
By Lydia L. Callis, Huffington Post

The hearing aid chair fit for a king
By Kathleen Hawkins, BBC News

A Conversation with Amanda Harris
By Hailey Scragg

This Beauty Vlogger Is Hard of Hearing, And She’s Stepping Up Her Game On YouTube
By Cate Matthews

MotionSavvy Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Build UNI, the First Device that Allows Both Deaf and Hearing Communities to Naturally Communicate with Each Other
By Rebekah Choi, Web Wire

DeafandHoH Scavenger Hunt
By Rachel Janis and Hannah Mann

Quota offers program for deaf and hard-of-hearing
By Lee B. Roberts

Austine Closing Reveals Debate Over ‘Mainstreaming’ Deaf Students
By Susan Keese

A Conversation with Tasha Henderson
By Jennifer Reed and Hannah Mann

RogerVoice App Helps Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People Make Phone Calls
By Mary-Ann Russon

The music for DEAF people: Musician composes song at a specific frequency so cochlear implants can pick up the melody
By Victoria Woollaston for MailOnliner

Tampa's Eddie V's deaf chef wins national award
By Bobby Lewis

The Connection Between Dementia and Hearing loss
By Joan McKechnie, BSc Hons Audiology & Speech Pathology

San Antonio Awarded 2015 World Deaf Swimming Championships
By Jared Anderson

Impacting Mainstream Education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
By Jennifer Reed

Bharti tireless as campaigner for the deaf
By Iram Ramzan

Get to know United States Deaf Soccer
By Chris Fischer

Live on Karli Bell
By Rachel Janis

Lawmaker wants trial program for deaf to serve in Air Force
By Kristin Davis

Panara both inspired and popularized deaf culture
By James Goodman

Fighting Their Way Into Medical School
By Jake New

Author honors deaf history of Maryland
By Kelsi Loos

Noise Pollution: Learn how to protect your ears!
By Joelle Chasse

Hearing-impaired music producer gives back to Colorado
By Anita Balakrishnan

No way to call: How the local deaf community gets emergency assistance
By Rich Wisniewski

New interpreter regulations seen as positive for deaf and hearing-impaired community
By Jay Greene

One woman strives to tackle newborn hearing loss in the developing world
By Matt McFarland

Deaf inmate sues Oregon prison system for not providing sign-language interpreters
By Bryan Denson

Gallaudet program focuses on international development, deaf services and inclusion
By Ambreen Ali

Brazilian teacher helps deaf, blind friend follow World Cup
By Joel Landau

A Conversation with Lauren Putz
By Joelle Chasse

In 'Fargo,' A Deaf Actor Gets His Chance To Be Wicked
By Becky Sullivan

New Technology Helps Blind, Deaf Users Stay Connected
By Crystal Hall

Deaf Baseball Players You May See in the Majors Soon
By Chris Fischer

How to Deal with Police as a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Person
By S.E. Smith

Chasing Clouds
By Jennifer Reed

Deaf and Blind caregivers want some give and take
By Jennifer Smith

Derbyshire police hit the mark when it comes to aiding deaf people
By Martin Naylor

Worcester shops must do more to support the deaf, charity say
By Ian Craig

Join Zina Jawadi for the 2014 HLAA Convention!
By Joelle Chasse

Newly Named Executive Director of ASD Is The Second Deaf Leader In School's History
By Suzanne Carlson

See Hear: When deaf videos go viral
By William Mager

How Technology Could Threaten Deaf Identity
By Patrick DeHahn

DecibelMemos: Perspectives Absent of Sound
By Rachel Cain

Deaf Dog Finds a Home with Deaf Woman
By Megan Johnson

Association for Airline Passenger Rights and Caption First announce partnership to promote greater accessibility
By eTN Managing Editor, (eTurboNews)

KVLU Participates in Emergency Alert Program for deaf, hard-of-hearing
By Sharon Forret

Families shoulder burden of children’s hearing aids
By Marisa Kwiatkowski

Journalism student creates Deaf and Hearing Network for people in deaf community
By Andrea Daly

Making Deaf Accessible Games—Why is it so hard?
By James Knack

The Hearing Health Foundation and the Future of Hearing Loss Research
By Rachel Cain

Interactive storybook iPad app especially for ASL deaf children
By Lesley Lanir

Sign language making big impact
By Chris Hottensen

Ninth Circuit says didn’t intentionally discriminate against hearing-impaired
By Kyla Asbury

Gallaudet University Bison Basketball
By Chris Fischer

School for deaf celebrates five years of change
By Sarah Hofius Hall

For sign language interpreters, ‘Miracle Worker’ is not just a show
By Rich Copley

Adlington backs new Deaf-Friendly swimming course
By the National Deaf Children’s Society,

Apple Collaborates on a Hearing Aid That Streams Music, Syncs With iPhone
By Lucy Westcott

Trix Bruce: Deaf Performer Following Her Dreams
By Rachel Cain

Family helps find a home for deaf community
By Julia O’Malley

Student petitions EMU to teach sign language
By Jess J. Salisbury

Deaf researcher studies emergence of new signed language in Mexico
By Leila Ruiz

Sound system at John Muir helps students with hearing loss tune in
By Keith Uhlig

Deaf medical resident path becoming ‘amazing physician’
By Tyler Dawson

New Video Remote Interpreting Service Set to launch at Access Interpreting, Inc.
By PRWeb

Showing Deaf Players They Fit In, Too
By Juliet Macur

Deaf Athletes May Not Experience Sochi in 2014; Can Still Compete in Russia
By Chris Fischer

How Netflix alienated and insulted its deaf subscribers
By Jon Christian

The Deaf Community Demands More
By Lydia L. Callis

Comedian Uses Sign Language to Highlight Deaf Issues
By Keiara Carr

Interpreters for Deaf Cut Through D.C.’s Political Jargon
By Elizabeth Williamson

Derrick Coleman: “Trust Your Power”
By Chris Fischer

Listen to Us
By Michelle Sullivan

My Wine, My Hearing Loss: The Relationship

Cochlear Implant brings Sounds, but no Aha! Moment
By John Woodrow Cox, Tampa Bay Times

Lance Allred: The First Legally Deaf Player in the NBA
By Chris Fischer

ZVOX: SoundBase
By Jason Naughton and Daniela Porcelli

Deaf Magazine uses augmented reality to teach readers sign language
By Ricardo Bilton

Football and Deafness
By Chris Fischer

American School for the Deaf Looks to the Future With $20 Million Facility
By Julie Stagis

By Jason Naughton

From One Future Audiologist to Another
By Tess Conklin

Derrick Coleman Pursues NFL Roster Spot
By Chris Fischer

Judges in California Reverse Ruling Preventing CART in Classrooms
By Tim Hull

Zina Jawadi at 2013 HLAA Convention
By Maeve Coleman and Hannah Mann

How a Deaf Player Changed Baseball and Softball
By Chris Fischer

To Make Hearing Aids Affordable, Firm Turns on Bluetooth
Shots: Health News from NPR

Hillary Baack in The East
By Maeve Coleman

Deafness in Hockey and Basketball
By Chris Fischer

California School for the Deaf, 61 Graduates, 61 stories
By Dan Bernstein, PE Bloggers

Deaf Funding Solution Emerges
By Michelle Millhollon, The Advocate

Social Security Disability Benefits for Hearing Loss
By Ram Meyyappan, Social Security Disability Help

Tinnitus 411: What you need to know about ringing ears
By Starkey Hearing Technologies

Big Sister’s mentoring extends beyond sign language for deaf Newark girl
By Barry Carter/Star Ledger

Deaf mom named MJC disabled student of the year
By Nan Austin, The Modesto Bee

Baseball: Being deaf doesn’t stop DeLeon from doing what he wants
By Adam Zuvanich for the Odessa American

EEOC claims Toys 'R' Us discriminated against deaf job applicant
By Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun

Reform for sign language interpreter rules criticized
By Chad Livengood

'Loud pop' miraculously alerts deaf woman to burning house
By Jenny Suniga / KENS 5

Mountain View preschoolers act up under big top in Broomfield
By Megan Quinn, Enterprise staff writer

Hawaii has unique sign language for deaf
By United Press International (UPI)

Program helps hearing-impaired children reach their potential
By Karen Nazor Hill

Amy, Deaf Mother, Hears Her 6-Year-Old Son Say 'Hi, Mom!' For The First Time (VIDEO)
By HuffPost Parents

Despite hearing loss, Emerson wrestler headed to state championships
By Dan Ivers

Deaf church in Birmingham streams sign language service to churches in Mobile and on East Coast
By Greg Garrison

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Athletic Coaches
By Chris Fischer

Teachers’ Facebook Campaign Raises $12,000 to Help Deaf Student Further Education
By Megha Satyanarayana

New Year, New Improvements
By Alyssa Smith

BBC National Orchestra of Wales offers concerts for deaf people
By Huw Thomase

Feds Probe Denver for Violating Deaf Prisoner Rights
By Susan Greene

MSDB harnesses technology for deaf and blind students
By Beth Beechie

Cochlear Implants Are Miraculous and Maddening
By Katherine Bouton

Dynamic, deaf rabbi bringing message of inclusivity
By Rebecca Rosen Lum

Women's basketball: Coach, player develop bond at school for deaf
By Bill Rabinowitz, The Columbus Dispatch

Three-Week Auditory Training Regimen Aids Comprehension In Hearing-Impaired Children
By Medical News Today

Deaf Basketball Player Scores Despite Disability
By Rich Rodriguez

Deaf rapper Sean Forbes ready to release "Perfect Imperfection"
By Nicole Robertson

School for Deaf and Blind Wants Funding to Be Increased
By Julie Wooton

Speaking Skills Crucial For Hearing Impaired Children In The Classroom
By Medical News Today

TCA: 'Switched at Birth' goes deeper into deaf culture
By Gail Pennington

Committee narrows options on services to deaf and blind students
By Diane Heldt of The Gazette

Unique Alert System for Deaf and Blind Students
By Dave Byknish of WHSV

PEZ Discovers: The Deaf Cycling Championships
By PEZCycling News

Scientists find genetic mutation linked to deafness
By Mark Johnson of the Journal Sentinel

Crowdsourcing serves up the subtitles to your life
By Jacob Aron

Deaf man makes dream of becoming firefighter a reality in West Haven
By Susan Misur

Deaf Vallejo woman receives apologies from blood center after turned away
By Irma Widjojo

Student’s design earns top prize at School for the Deaf
By Rebecca Henely

Marvel team creates deaf superhero called Blue Ear in honor of boy
By Michelle Castillo

GSU to lead $10 million research project to improve reading in deaf and hard of hearing children
By Andrea Jones

‘Deaf Poets Society’: Solo performance casts light into shadowy realm
By Diana Nollen

Deaf FBI agent shares story with Mountain Lakes students
By Staff Report - Daily Record

Glove Lets Deaf-Blind People Text Message
By InnovationNewsDaily Staff

Sign language 'turned into text' by Aberdeen scientists

Designing a City for the Deaf
By Kim A. O’Connell

New School For Deaf Faces Neighborhood Opposition
By Dayle Cedars and Alan Gathright

Sign language 'turned into text' by Aberdeen scientists

Deaf student may not be able to graduate with teaching degree because of interpreter regulations
By Catey Traylor

Deaf Americans: Fighting for the Chance to Serve in the Military
By Mike Conneen

Free Specialized Phones for Hard of Hearing Georgians
By Marianne English of WABE News

Deaf boy's treatment not enough for visa officer
By Guidy Mamann

Super Bowl XLVI Promotes the Deaf
By National Association for the Deaf (NAD)

Court interpreters translate into high cost for Lubbock County
By Logan G. Carver

Emergency Text Service Launched
By Joanne Hunt

Barney: Deaf teens find relatable characters in TV drama 'Switched at Birth'
By Chuck Barney

Schools lack interpreters for deaf students
By Kara Rose, USA Today

The Link Between Chronic Disease And Hearing Loss: Are You At Risk?
Source: WPXI News

Deaf People from the UK to Volunteer at Deaf School in Sri Lanka
PR Press Release

Film about deaf wrestler winning audiences
By Dan Bennett

Vitro Develops Novel Stem Cell Technology for Use in Treatment of Hearing Loss
Source: Vitro Diagnostics, Inc.

Deaf US swimmer makes it to big stage at Pan Ams
By Tales Azzoni

Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind fight to keep programs
ABC 4 News, Salt Lake City

Catholic deaf ministry seeks to rekindle spirits and boost presence
By Jennifer Brinker

Deaf woman hears own voice: 'I didn't know I had an accent'
NBC Today Show

Deaf Immigrants Apply for Aslyum
By David Olson

New research on tinnitus could lead to treatment
By Erin Allday

Better Hearing Is Being Made More Convenient
By Alexandra Wexler

Another Danger of Secondhand Smoke—Hearing Loss
ScienceDaily News

Among Twists in Budget Woes, Tensions Over Teaching the Deaf
By Monica Davey

Helping Deaf People to Enjoy Music
ScienceDaily News Celebrates Its Second Year of Open Chat Night
By Hannah F. Mann

New Software 'Hearing Dummies' Pave the Way for Tailor-Made Hearing Aids
ScienceDaily News

Our Hands-On Doremi CaptiView In-Depth Review
By Kelley Duran

Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language
By Jake Kendall-Ashton

Bullied for 100 years, the deaf seek justice
By Isabelle Eichenberger

Suit Demands CNN Offer Online Captions for Deaf
By Bob Egelko

Deaf Dog Learns Sign Language
By Jake Kendall-Ashton

Retina holds the key to better vision in deaf people
By Shemina Davis

Early Intervention Key to Improving Literacy Skills for Deaf Children
Ryerson University

Cinemas are letting deaf people down
By Charlie Swinbourne

Youtube Intersections: Deaf Muslim Women
By Lia Incognita

UFC 130: Matt Hamill blogs on what it's like to be a deaf fighter
By Geno Mrosko

How a documentary director's deaf, Jewish, mother escaped from the Nazis:
Frank Stiefel talks about his remarkable HBO film, 'Ingelore'

By Clark Collis

Former deaf school student writes children’s book
By Jerome Lessard

Students become Deaf/Blind for a Day
By Patrick Healy

Deaf Lipreader Decodes What Kate and William Said
By Reno Berkeley

Deaf Girl Feels the Beat
By Nicole Baute

Alan Champion, Sign-Language Interpreter for Theater, Dies at 55
By Patrick Healy

Hearing Loss and the Elderly
The New York Times

Virtual interpreters help deaf hospital patients
WLS Chicago News

Ear Implants for the Deaf with No Strings Attached
By Duncan Graham-Rowe

Deaf couple's struggle with 911 system brings changes
CTV Southwestern Ontario

Scissors, paste, sign language: Study to show deaf children's enculturation
By Maureen Roen

FCC Makes Sure Deaf-Blind Individuals Have '21st Century Communications' Tech
By Tim Conneally

Will We Hear the Light?
By Lee Siegel

Deaf Player in Men’s Division I NCAA Basketball
California State University, Northridge

Nutrition May Prevent and Reverse Hearing Loss

Researchers were able to eliminate tinnitus in rats
By Kimberly Jones

Work-Related Hearing Loss Causes Lack of Sleep
U.S. News & World Report

ASL Music Video Interpretations
ABC News

Cochlear Implants Change Lives of Two Teenagers
Rockford Register Star

TV commercials too loud? Relief may be on the way
By Kimberly Jones

Is There a Hard of Hearing Culture?
By Shanna Groves

Tips for Hard of Hearing Parents and Grandparents
Healthy Hearing

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