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Hearing Aids and Technology

Hearing Aids
  • A hearing aid is a small piece of technology that sits on or behind the ear. It is made up of three parts—a microphone, amplifier and speaker—and it allows the listener to hear sounds more effectively.

  • Hearing aids are essential in assisting those with difficulty hearing to become more involved with noise-driven situations. The hearing aid increases the level of sound that the person hears in order to elevate natural hearing.

  • The technology functions off of vibrations. To increase an individual’s hearing, the hearing aid magnifies the sound vibrations in the ear, allowing the remaining hair cells to retrieve the sounds, which later travel toward the brain. Essentially, the hearing aid acts as a sound increase to improve the quality of hearing for those who still can salvage their hearing loss.

  • There are three types of hearing aids: behind the ear, in the ear and canal.

    1. Behind the ear hearing aids sit on the back of the ear and wrap into the ear.
    2. In the ear hearing aids fit inside the ear and are less exposed.
    3. Canal aids, however, are the least obvious. They sit either in the canal or completely in the canal, and are more difficult to adjust or move.

  • Hearing aids also come in a two forms: analog and digital.

  • Each person who chooses to use a hearing aid will need to consult an audiologist to find the best fit. Behind the ear, in the ear and canal hearing aids all have different feels and benefits and it depends on the level of hearing difficulty that primarily determines which type a person should use. Those who need a hearing aid should realize their necessity, they can significantly assist in day-to-day life.

Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers

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