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Senthil Srinivasan Senthil Srinivasan

I was born with a moderate hearing loss. My parents didn't find out about it until my speech impediment prompted them to take me to an ENT specialist. I was put in special education classes for students with hearing loss, then mainstreamed in middle school. After graduating high school, I earned a 4-year degree in Arts/Graphic Design from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Now, I work as a full-time web designer.

I created this website in 2008 as a hobby because I always felt like an outsider due to my hearing loss, and I wanted to reach out to others. As time went on, I added more features-- a blog, discussion forum, chat room, Facebook group, Twitter account, etc. I plan to continue expanding the website so that it can better serve the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Rachel Cain Rachel Cain
Staff Writer/Editor

I am a sophomore at the University of Dayton and am an English and International Studies double major with a minor in Spanish. I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through my involvement with At UD, I participate in the Alpha Phi Omega national co-ed service fraternity, several campus publications, and the marching and pep bands. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, sewing, and sharing time with my friends.

Though I've had past work experience working with individuals in the deaf and hard of hearing community, I'm excited to gain a new perspective through and hope to become more involved in the community.

Hannah Schie Hannah Schie
Staff Writer

I am an incoming senior at Ohio University studying strategic communication. Along with my Bachelor's degree, I am also specializing in marketing and political science. Upon graduation, I hope I will be able to use my skills at a non-profit organization.

I am excited to work with people that are a part of the Deaf and HOH community because it is something that I have never experienced. I hope to broaden my horizons and learn about how I can use a platform to educate others.

Lora Radojevic Lora Radojevic
Social Media Coordinator

I'm a senior at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee double majoring in Journalism, advertising, and media and digital arts and culture. My main area of focus is social media and public relations. In my free time I enjoy being on social media, going to concerts, and taking photos. At school, I have taken many classes that taught me how to grow social media platforms so I am really looking forward to work for DeadandHoH's social media.

I took two semesters of American Sign Language in college. I would love to learn more in the future, possibly after I graduate. I am very excited for this internship with DeafandHoH to see how I can help improve their social media.

?Abby Werkowski Abby Werkowski
Social Media Coordinator

I am currently a Junior at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and I am studying Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. On campus, I am involved in the American Marketing Association where I serve on the executive board as an Account Executive. Also, I work as a computer science tutor where I can help students in need.

I am very excited for this opportunity as it will be a unique experience to work with the Deaf and HoH community. I believe I can bring my creativity and marketing skills to best help this organization and educate others.

Kayla Coleman Kayla Coleman
Research and Communications

I am originally from Fredericksburg, VA, however, I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Speech Communication Disorders at the University of Virginia (UVA) in Charlottesville. Additionally, I am minoring in American Sign Language, which is what has drawn me to want to engage more with the Deaf community over my years of learning the language. As I am approaching my senior year of my undergraduate experience, I hope to go one to graduate school to obtain a doctorate in audiology (AuD). While working with this community, I am excited to blend all of the aspects of my studies together and expand upon my knowledge of the deaf and hard of hearing community beyond the classroom!

I have spent my first eighteen years in China and I decided to take American adventure in my nineteen years old. Upon my experience, I understand how hard to listen and speak a language and how the difficulties to influence my life. It is my pleasure to be part of the DeafandHoH community and I cannot wait to make contribution to this big family.

Autumn Wallace Autumn Wallace
Graphic Designer

In 2017, I graduated from Herzing University in Wisconsin with a Bachelor's of Science degree in graphic design. I plan on returning to school in the near future to further my education in graphic design, photography, and architecture. As a recent graduate, I'm searching for projects that allow me to be more involved in graphic design but also surround me with other passionate, hard-working individuals.

I am very excited to become involved in the Deaf and HoH community, not only because I feel this opportunity will help develop my skills as a graphic designer but I will also be servicing a great cause. I can't wait to start this internship and make a real contribution to this amazing community.

McKenna Ashcraft McKenna Ashcraft
Graphic Designer

As a junior at Brigham Young University - Idaho, I am thrilled to apply the things I am learning as I begin an internship with I am honored to participate and learn in this community you all are building here. Throughout my college career, I have changed majors a few times. Going from Paramedics, to Graphic Design, now to Wed Design and Development (WDD). I find that WDD give me a good balance between the technical side of me and my creative side. It has been a very rewarding experience thus far.

Aside from school, I am a wife to my husband of 2 years and a proud mom of a baby boy and a puppy girl - they are 3 days apart. I am very happy to stay home with them as I pursue my degree and career online. In my free time, I love to go on road trips, camp, hike, eat ice cream, and spend time with my family and friends. I hope only to expand that family/friend group here will all of you.

Sarah Barrett Sarah Barrett
Web Designer

I'm a senior at Brigham Young University - Idaho, working towards a Bachelors degree in Web Design and Development. I enjoy my free time by reading, watching the Bachelor and finding design inspiration on the internet. While I'm at school, I work on a lot of projects; not only websites, but graphic design as well. I have a love for typography and interior design, as well.

I'm currently working on as an intern and I'm incredibly excited. I took American Sign Language in high school and have since then connected with a few deaf and hard of hearing people that I really love and appreciate. I'm looking forward to contributing to this website and community.

Cara Havey Cara Havey
2D Artist

I am a recent graduate from Milwaukee Area Technical College with an Associate's degree in 2D Animation. I became interested in drawing, art, and animation from watching cartoons growing up. I enjoy practicing drawing with designs, characters, backgrounds, and more to further enhance my knowledge in the area.

I love being creative and doing whatever I can to help others. I am confident that working with DeafandHoH will help me further advance my knowledge and skills in my area of study, was well as help others become more educated about the deaf and hard of hearing community.

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